this photoset sums up Magic tournaments so perfectly

Well looks like this is spreading here as well, so here is the source and here is a discussion on the Magic subreddit

What I want to make sure to say is everyone be aware that you are a representative of the game, and your actions back that up. This wide spread set of images portrays magic players as overweight people who don’t care about hygiene/appearance. It “is EXACTLY how I imagined it." I have friends who play and hide it because they are quickly and harshly judged for it, but this shouldn’t be how it works. Do your best to fight the poor stereotypes the magic community has instead of reinforcing the poor stereotypes. If you aren’t going to fight the stereotype for the sake of your own image, do it for the millions of others who play the game. The guy who did this is clearly just messing around, but it spread like wildfire and is having a poor impact on the millions of players. Think through the consequences of your actions.

Pretty much this. There’s no reason not to dress well when you’re going to any sort of event. Wear a nice clean shirt, some pants that actually fit, and for the love of god wear a damn belt.

I also count one girl in the photo set which is a little disappointing.

lots of love for my fifi <3 tehehe ^^

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
William Shedd 

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When Chuck Palahniuk attempted to publish his second novel, Invisible Monsters, publishers rejected it for its disturbing content. This led him to work on Fight Club, which he wrote as an attempt to disturb the publisher even more for rejecting him.


R.I.P Dave Hickson; a true Everton Legend. 

"I’d break every bone in my body for any club I play for, but I’d die for Everton”

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